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WB 2-11-20

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be using The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy to inspire our writing. This is the first week of writing using this text.

This week will begin with getting to know the text  and looking at using your understanding of fronted adverbials, how to find them in text and use them in writing.. The activities for this week are outlined below and these will support the work for the following week.


  1. Intro to The Tear Thief

Share the story by listening to this version. Discuss  your likes and dislikes.

1. Highlight new vocabulary within the text.

2. Complete the likes and dislikes sheet.


  • Likes and dislikes sheet
  • The story


  1. Feelings vocabulary

Discuss different shades of meaning for words like happy, sad, angry etc

  1. Find vocabulary to collect in your book.
  • Thesaurus


  1. character development

Look carefully at the characters in the book. Look at their  characteristics, their looks and actions.

  1. Create and draw  your own character
  2. Collect vocabulary to describe
  3. Write short paragraph


  • Vocabulary from the previous day
  1. Boxed up plan

Read the boxed up plan carefully, which outlines this story.

  1. Complete the boxes step by step telling your own story which will change the type of thief.


  • Boxed up planning sheets

Your thief could be an anger, blushes, embarrassment, shyness or any other ideas you may have.

  1. Fronted adverbials

Look for  examples in the text.

Watch the video but please ignore the link to a text as we only need the examples.


Watch the video and follow the examples on screen by writing them in your book. Have a go at using some of your own.

  • Copies of pages from the story
  • Oak partnership lesson










Video explaining fronted adverbials



In science we will be starting our new topic about different materials and their properties. We will start by learning about what different properties materials can have and why that makes them suitable for certain jobs.


Read through the sheet of different properties that materials can have, then look around your home to see if you can find any materials with these properties. Afterwards you could try to explain why these properties are used in these certain materials. 

For example, explain why windows are chosen to be made out of glass.