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WB 19-10-20

Week commencing 19th October 2020.

As this is the last week before half term we have decided to spend a little more time on our science and topic curriculum areas. We will be focusing on The Mayans, by holding a Mayan Festival Day and making an orrery in Science.


Space Theme

During this week we will link English work with our science topic by thinking about a space theme.

Look at the powerpoint  and the sources document which provide information about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing.  You may also want to watch some short film footage of the event.

Make notes  from the powerpoint and the film clip, as you are going to become a newspaper reported and create your own newspaper. See the template provided to help you with your writing.

Remember the 5 w’s to help you structure a good newspaper article- who? What? Where? Why? When? and How? The answer to these questions should ideally be included in your opening paragraph.


Task 1:  to create a newspaper front page covering the moon landing. Include pictures and information that will capture the reader and make want them to read more.

Task 2: to create a poem in a style of your choice about any aspect of space. It could be the awa and wonder of space, about a particular planet or about moon exploration. You can create any type of poem- a list poem, a shape poem, an acrostic poem or free verse. If you Google space poems you will find a huge variety of examples to support your writing. 



This week we are learning about why the Sun appears to move over the sky. If the weather is nice enough go outside and observe your shadow from the same spot at various points throughout the day. How does it change from morning to afternoon?

Watch the video:

Fill in the sheet to explain why we have day and night, and as to why the Sun appears to move across the sky. (There are 3 versions of the sheet on the PDF, please only complete one that has the appropriate amount of scaffolding)