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WB 16-11-20

Week commencing 16th  November  2020.

During this week  we will be using The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy to complete our own story writing. This will be your opportunity to use your ideas for your ‘thief’ and basing your ideas on the story to retell your own story.

You will need to follow your boxed up planning really carefully to make sure you have the support you need to complete your writing. Remember to leave time to edit your story to check that you have included all the grammar features. Enjoy sharing your story with a member of your family at home.


  1. Write story


Work on each section of the boxed up planning making sure that the grammar features are included .

  1. Opening paragraph including fronted adverbials to describe the ‘thief’ arriving

Fronted adverbial cards (generic) and shared examples of story specific examples

  1. Continue story writing

Work through each box on the planning.

Paragraph 2-4

  1. Use prepositions to describe the movement around the houses to take away the emotion from each child

Preposition vocabulary collected as whole class and generic list of prepositions

  1. Continue story writing

Work through each box on the planning.

Paragraph 4-5

  1. Focus on speech in including split speech in these paragraphs

Examples of split speech generated by class

  1. Complete story and edit

Complete story checking for all the grammar features

  1. Edit for a strong ending
  2. Edit for all grammar examples.

Examples of strong ending


Challenge to keep a hot drink warm for as long as possible.

Read through the definitions as to what a conductor and an insulator are:



If you have an adult who can supervise you, then make a hot drink and create a method of insulating it using materials you find around the house. Write down why you chose to use the materials that you used  and how effective they were.

If you are unable to do that task then you could write which materials you would have used and reasons for why you would use them.