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WB 15-3-21


This week we will be recapping fractions:

  • Introducing equivalent fractions
  • simple equivalent fractions
  • Finding fractions
  • equivalent fractions
  • modelling equivalent and non equivalent fractions




Week commencing 15.3. 2021.


The English for this week will follow on from last week, looking at aspects of Greek myths and focusing on Theseus and the Minotaur. We will also look at some grammar that will help us with our writing.







Day 6 character description -Theseus

1.Look at the different images of Theseus.

What vocabulary would you use to describe him.

Make a word bank of ideas and ‘borrow’ ideas from others. Use the word bank provided to get you started.

2.Write a detailed character description of the Theseus using the vocabulary you have collected. Remember to write in full sentences and build a paragraph- about 4/5 sentences.

To help you get started:

What does he look  like?

What are his characteristics?

Think about:

Good sentence starters.

Descriptive vocabulary that helps the reader to imagine Theseus.



1.Use the images of Theseus to support your description.

2.Write a paragraph which tells the reader what Theseus is really like.

  • Images of Theseus

Paper, pencil to record ideas


Day 7- parenthesis



Watch the powerpoint which will remind you what parenthesis is and how to accurately punctuate.



1.Watch the powerpoint and complete some sentences which you could use to help with your story.

  • Powerpoint

Paper, pencil to record sentences


Day 8- planning


Use the planning grid to help you to plan your story.

Fill in the boxes alongside the original story which you will retell as if you are Theseus. The details of the story will be the same but this will be your chance to let the reader know what you imagine it was like to be Theseus.




1.Complete the planning grid writing the story of Theseus

  • Text of the story
  • Planning grid


Thursday-  Day 9- Speech punctuation

Watch the powerpoint which reminds you how to accurately punctuate speech. 




1.Watch then powerpoint then write some speech which could be included in your story

  • Speech powerpoint

Paper, pencil to record


Day 10- opening paragraph

Using your story plan to help you, the word banks, sentence starter banks and any vocabulary you have collected yourself to introduce the characters, set the scene and outline the problem.






1.Use your story plan to help you write the opening paragraph of your story

Text of the story

Planning grid

Word banks

Sentence starters


Research what life is like in modern day Greece and create a factfile, you could build it up over a few sessions. Think about: the geography, the weather, the language, the culture, sport there, what they eat, what they do for leisure, anything that you can find out that is unique to Greece.