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WB 12-10-20


Jumanji- narrative writing

This we will continue to be use the booklet to follow through the grammar lessons and sentence work building up to planning our own piece of narrative writing. Please use the booklet structure to follow through on a daily basis until the completion of the narrative writing.

The skills slowly build up to provide support for the final written text.


Task: to have planned and written your alternative version of the story ‘The game’

To finish with an interesting story based on the Jumanji story.

Remember to use good vocabulary, to plan carefully and to make the story original and interesting.

Why not read your final story to someone in your family.



The MyMaths tasks this week will be based on addition and subtraction.


Topic task: 


We are learning about the Mayans and where their civilisation was based.


Task: Read through the PowerPoint to discover where on the map the Mayans lived and try to locate their most famous states on the map provided.