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This week your task is all about space travel and the planets, which links with the English tasks. This will also be some revision of work studied in the Autumn Term, when the children focused on Earth, Sun and Moon as their science topic.
We would like the children to research information about the planets and then design their own planet. We would also like the children to design their own astronaut suit 
( linked to the English for this week) which would keep them safe and comfortable during the voyage.



Research information about space and the planets. Follow the link to the website or look for alternative websites that you may know about already.

Planet fact file



Design your own planet based on ideas taken from the information found out about existing planets. Use the prompt sheet to help you with ideas. Create your own illustrated poster which describes your planet in detail.



Design your own astronaut suit using the information in the text to support you. 
Think about: 
What does it need to keep you safe?
What would you like the design to look like? 



Draw your space suit and annotate ( give information) about each part.


Describe how your space suit works. Remember to include how your astronaut can keep cool, breathe safely and get rid of carbon dioxide- this is the unclean air that we breathe out and would be trapped inside the suit.