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This term our topic is the Ancient Greeks, so far we have covered the creation of democracy and the lasting impact the Greek system has in modern day UK. We have also been finding out about the original Olympic games and the modern day version. 

We would be happy for your child to research more into this ancient civilisation, this could involve the many battles that were fought, their religious beliefs and Mythical stories, the geography of Greece or the many advancements that Greek society created. 


Week beginning 23.3.20

This week your task is to research Greek gods and goddesses, then create an informative poster about them. This could include their powers, children, myths relating to them, appearance and anything else you may think is interesting about them.



Research about the gods and goddesses, you can choose to have your poster focussed on one god/goddess in particular or it could be about the gods and goddesses in general. Use the links provided or search for information in a variety of different media.


Websites links for researching Gods and Goddesses:



Make notes about the gods/goddesses you have chosen and draft how you will write the interesting information that you have found out. Edit here and check your punctuation, grammar and spelling.



Design the layout of your poster.



Write up the text from your notes, make it as interesting and informative as possible.



Illustrate the poster with drawings or printed pictures. Share the poster with someone at home.