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RWInc (Please follow the link for each day sent to you via email) If you would like more RWInc resources there are free videos available on Youtube.


Practise 2 of the letters you found tricky in your cursive handwriting. For support, please use the attached handwriting sheet.



There are videos to support with each letter on Youtube. Just search for ‘Learn to write the letter (insert letter) with Mister Teach.



Learning Objective: I can use my story map to write the story I have learnt.

Using your story map, write the story.


Learning Objective: I can find related addition and subtraction facts


 Watch the White Rose video by following the link.


Remember to pause the video to give yourself enough time to work out the answers.

Complete the worksheet on the website. You DO NOT need to print the sheet off. Record your calculations on a piece of paper.


Last week we looked at the Creation story and this week we are thinking about Adam and Eve. Follow this link and watch the story;


Think about the garden in the story. Talk about what the world was like before people came. How is it different from our world today? (no cities, cars, pollution). There were once far more creatures/ wildlife in the world. What has happened? Think about how the World has become polluted.

What important job did God give Adam to do in the story from the Bible? (Look after our world).

Learn and sing the Reduce reuse recycle song (What's it worth Planet Earth)



Join Mrs Coglan today for a quiz, live on zoom! Don’t forget to bring some paper and a pencil!

Class 3 – 9.30

Class 4 – 10.00




How well did you do with yesterday’s video game workout? Are you up for the challenge of game 2;