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RWInc (Please follow the link for each day sent to you via email) If you would like more RWInc resources there are free videos available on Youtube.


In pencil, practise p, q and r in your cursive handwriting. For support, please use the attached handwriting sheet.


Create a front cover for your fact files.

(Don’t forget to send us a picture of your fact files so we can have a look)



Learning Objective: I can subtract by counting back. I can use a number line.

Watch the video

You will need to also have open the worksheet where you will find the questions that need completing.

This DOES NOT need to be printed.

Write your answers on a piece of paper or in a workbook.

Please use a number line to help you, if needed.

Number line to 20


Learning Objective: I can use my science knowledge to create a model using recycled materials.



Junk modelling


Create a junk model of either a mammal, bird, fish, reptile or amphibian.


(Don’t forget to send us a picture of your model so we can have a look)


Science Game

Animal classification quiz with Mr Cridge on Zoom.

Class 3 – 9.30

Class 4 – 10.00