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1) Practise a, b and c in your cursive handwriting. For support, please use the attached handwriting sheet.


2) An introduction to mammals. Then write a fact file on mammals.

(Please see the recorded teaching session to learn all about a fact file).


Add by counting on:

We are looking at adding by counting on. To do this we can put the first number in our head and then count on from that number to work out the answer.

e.g. 6 + 2 =

Put six in your head and count on…7…8! The answer is 8!

(You will need to look at the 'Add by counting on activity' presentation)

Before you start, you will need to make number cards to 20.



Help Amir work out what went wrong when using his number line when counting on.


Potato Printing - We would love to see your pictures. Please feel free to email us via the class email.