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Continuing the story of Hole in the Fence


I landed with a bump and it hurt a lot.

With blurry eyes I could just see two glowing circles in front of me in the dark distance. I got up and started to walk towards the lights, I was beginning to get anxious and my body trembled as I got closer. Suddenly, I heard a rumbling then a loud noise and a rush of air blew in my face knocking me down again. I sat back up and notice a familiar object beside me, my favourite toy car. I heard a noise again coming from the direction of the glowing circles, suddenly things started to move towards the noise as if they where being sucked up by something. It was terrifying, I felt like I was going to faint. The noise stopped and the air was still again.  I was closer now and I could see more clearly what the object was, shocked at what I was seeing in front of me, a dribbling, sleeping dragon. The rumbling noise started again, I finally figured what was happening to our objects from my garden, it was the snoring of the dragon that was sucking the objects through the hole in the fence. I ran back towards the fence and tried to get back through the hole, but it was too small.

I turned towards the dragon and could see mountains of objects all around the dragon. I had a thought, did the dragon know what was happening, I made a choice to wake the dragon up to find out if it could help me get back home and if it knew what it was doing while it was asleep.\


Leigha Class 11

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