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Starting School

Before your child is due to start school we encourage parents to visit and have a tour of the school. 

Once your child has been offered a place our ‘Induction to School’ begins in the Summer Term before they are due to start. The Foundation Stage teachers will visit your child in their pre-school setting, spending time getting to know them and talking to your child’s key worker. Your child is then invited to spend time in school which supports their transition from nursery/pre-school to school. During this time parents are invited to a Starting School meeting, where useful information is distributed and questions can be answered.


Our induction then continues into the Autumn Term where your child will attend school on a part time basis for a few weeks allowing them to integrate into school life at a steady pace, becoming familiar with routines, adults and the other children. During this time children are introduced to school in smaller groups which are determined by age. Throughout the induction period all Early Years staff will observe and facilitate learning for all children, allocating classes based on a balance of gender, age, special educational needs and positive learning relationships after the part time induction has been completed.


At school we promote independence and it is a great help, particularly to the children's confidence if, by the time they start school, they are able to:


  • Be responsible for their own belongings. You can support this by naming all items of clothing and possessions which come to school, enabling the children to identify their own things.
  • Dress and undress themselves keeping their clothes together.
  • Go to the toilet without assistance, washing their hands with soap.
  • Eating healthy foods. We have 2 snack times during a school day for children in the EYFS, in addition to their packed lunch. 
  • Pack a rucksack. The children have lots to collect at the end of day, including a book bag, lunchbox, drinks bottle, jumper and coat, so an ample sized bag which will allow the children to put all these items in together is a huge help.
  • Recognising and writing their own name.


Many Thanks

EYFS Team