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Spring Term

Class 9 made their own string telephones in science, developing their understanding of how sound travels.

After finding out it was a dragon that had vandalised Class 9, Year 4 were given some instructions for how to catch the mischievous serpent. (There is a hidden net underneath the leaves. With all the excitement, we forgot to take a photo!)

Who caused all the mess in Class 9?

Do gases weigh anything?

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Class 9 were challenged to see which fizzy drink contained the most amount of carbon dioxide. After weighing the liquid straight from the bottle, the children blew bubbles until all the 'fizz' had disappeared. They then weighed the liquid again before working out the difference. The results showed that Coke had the biggest difference and therefore had the most amount of carbon dioxide.

Do gases weigh anything? The children explored the amount of carbon dioxide in different fizzy drinks and found out that Coke has the most.