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Spring Term 2021

We loved our Dinosaur Topic this term. It started with an egg that appeared in our classroom. We tried to work out what could be inside the egg. The next day we had a letter from Daisy the Dinosaur telling us that she had left her eggs in our classroom and wanted us to take care of her baby dinosaurs when they hatched. We decided to plan a special 'Happy Hatch Day' for when the baby dinosaurs hatched. We had so much fun making decorations, writing birthday cards and making cakes for the special day. We celebrated with party games and eating our yummy cakes. We wanted to learn more about dinosaurs and how to look after our baby dinosaurs which we had named Rosy and Stega. We learnt about carnivores and Herbivores, thought about different adjectives to describe different dinosaurs, and even learnt about dinosaur bones and fossils!

Forest School during the Spring is one of our favourite times!

We have been so lucky to spot the wonderful signs of spring during Forest School. We made some beautiful spring bracelets and were so lucky to see frogs in the pond. Soon the frogs had produced some frogspawn and we discovered lots of it in our pond. We enjoyed listening to stories about the life cycle of frogs and made lots of visits to the pond to watch the frog spawn develop. Of course, we also had lots of opportunities to play in the Forest School area, all whilst remembering our important rules to keep safe. 

We love our outdoor area in Reception. During Spring term the weather improves and we can spend more time out there. We enjoy role play in our mud kitchen, climbing on the obstacle course, drawing, writing, reading and much more when we are outdoors!