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Today we would like you to design a boat for a small teddy or toy. Think hard about what materials would be good to use to make a boat. 

The most important thing is that our boat floats to stop our toys getting wet. Think of some of the properties of materials we learnt about at the beginning of the school year and decide what would be a good property to use for a boat. Do any of these have an effect on how good our boat would be?

We have attached a vocabulary sheet to remind you of these key words.


Once you have made a boat, test it out in some water to see if it floats. Can it support the weight of your toy? Will it last in the water?


Today, we would like you to draw a picture of a Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore. Once you have drawn a picture of your animal, write what that animal would eat and whether it is a Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore.


Herbivores only eat plants!

Carnivores only eat meat!

Omnivores eat both meat and plants!


We have attached a PowerPoint to help you learn about each group and some examples of animals and what they eat so you can decide whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.