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School Closure


As you will be aware, all schools in the UK will be closed to the vast majority of pupils from Monday 23rd March for an indefinite length of time.  To help parents and to ensure that children's learning is not halted during this unprecedented time, each year group will be posting work for pupils to complete on their Year Group pages.  (These can be found under the Children tab of the website.)  Each child has been sent home with a notebook and a pencil in which to capture their work.  Each class also has a dedicated email address which parents can use to ask staff direct questions or for children to share and celebrate their work.  These will be checked during the school day - any responses will be made between 9am and 3pm.


There are a very small number of children where they have parents who are key workers and no other provision can be made for to stay away from home.  These children have already registered with us as needing a place.  If you feel that your child fits into this category but you have not yet booked a place, you are unable to send them into school until the day after you have booked them in to allow us to ensure we have safe staffing levels.  


We feel really emotional about not having our pupils in school at the moment and wish you and them a happy and healthy few weeks and months.  Please keep up to date with the website, and the Headteacher's Blog (under News and Events) as we will be using this to try and keep our school community together during this time.



If you find yourself running short of activities for your children to do once their daily work is complete, there are also some websites below which are free for parents to use.  Some require you to set up an account but none charge.    We would encourage you to have a look on these sites and allow your child some time to complete activities.  There are some activities to print out and others which children can engage with online.  One is Twinkl which has activities from many areas of the curriculum.  Another is called Pobble 365 which provides a stimulus picture each day.  This could be used to prompt a writing activity - either describing what they can see, writing a story based on it, or a poem.  There is a new picture posted each day. 




Thank you.