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School Closure updates

Update 22.03.20


Hi all.  Tomorrow we move into the new strange world of being shut for almost all of our pupils, with just  few heading to a new kind of child-care facility at school.  We have a limited number of staff who are well and not vulnerable who have all willingly agreed to man the school for these pupils throughout the next coming time, including, where needed, through the Easter Holidays.


For the vast majority of parents, you are now embarking on a new journey of having your children home for an extended period of time.  To help you with this, each year group will provide daily activities for your child to complete at home.  There will be one piece of English, one of Maths and one other piece to complete each day.  These can be found on the year group pages - under the Children Tab.  (there is a link to each one below.)  You will also find that each class has an email account set up specifically in the event of school closures.  This will enable you to contact the class teacher to ask any specific questions, or to allow your child to share and celebrate their work.  These will be manned at times throughout each day between 9am and 3pm.  Please bear with staff as responding to each may take time, especially if they are in school working with children of key workers.


Please also keep your eye on the Video Resource Centre (again, under the Children tab) where staff may post videos.  


The Headteacher's Blog will also be updated regularly (found under News and Events) as a way of keeping our school community together in this challenging time.


Thank you again for the many positive messages of support, they are really appreciated by us all.  Stay well, stay safe and see you all soon.

Rachel White