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Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 18th October 2021




Our book week focus is on the book Once Upon A Tune by James Mayhew. Follow the link below and watch a video of James Mayhew reading it.


Maths- We are learning about  ordinal numbers this week, follow the link to this lesson on Oak National Academy;

Using key vocabulary associated with ordinal numbers 1st to 10th



Book week Art 

Find a plastic bottle you can recycle, size does not matter. Using glue and any thin paper, tissue if you have it, cover the bottle completely in paper. If you have paper that is coloured that would be good. Once you have covered it leave it to dry.





Using whatever resources you have at home like leaves, grass, glitter, pasta, food colouring, make a potion for the sorcerer. Write a list of what you are putting in the potion and draw some pictures to show the ingredients.



Thinking about ordinal numbers write some labels that say

1st -first

2nd -second

3rd -third

4th -fourth

5th -fifth.


Now find some of your own toys for eg cars, figures of people and see if you can line them up in the correct order. Play a game with someone in your house and see if you can read the labels as well as remembering what each label says. 


Book Week Art

Yesterday you covered your bottle on paper and it should be dry by today. Use whatever resources you have like felt tip pens, paints, sequins, glitter or any colourful stickers to decorate your potion bottle.






We are continuing with learning about  ordinal numbers for today and tomorrow. Please follow the link to BBC Bitesize;


Today you can watch the Pirate Ordinal numbers slideshow and then complete the dinosaur worksheet or draw your own dinosaurs and label their position.


English/Book week


Cut out a label for your potion bottle and see if you can write a label for it. You could write a list of what was in your potion or think of a name for it. Use a piece of string to attach it to the bottle.





Revisit BBC Bitesize;

Play Karate Cats Maths and then complete the ice cream sheet. You can draw an ice cream yourself if you prefer.


English/Book Week


Can you draw a picture of a wizard -think about what you saw in James Mayhew's reading. Then once you have drawn the wizard, think of some words to describe what he looks like and how he is. Does he wear a pointy hat? Does he have a cloak? What colour is his hair? Does he have a beard? 







Week Beginning: 11th October


Maths - complete the Greater than and Less than worksheet. (See below)

You do not need to print off the sheet, just write the calculation on a piece of paper. For example 4 > 2.

English - Draw a picture of your new prey character- the animal that replaced the Three Little Pigs. 

Science - Materials test. Find things at home that are bendy and things that are not bendy.

Write a list of the items you tested and what you found out.

Music/Dance - create a dance to your favourite piece of music



Maths - Write the numbers 1-20 on pieces of paper/card. Turn them over so they are face down. Select two. Write these numbers as a greater than/ less than calculation. (Just like Tuesday's work)

English - Write a character description of your prey character you drew on Tuesday. This could be a list of descriptive words, or a couple of sentences.

Science - You will need a piece of paper, a tissue, some cling film pulled tight over a bowl and a towel. Please test to find which of the materials above absorb water - soaks up the water. Can you predict which will be absorbent? Drop a few droplets of water onto each of the 4 materials; what happens to the water?

Forest School - Look for signs of Autumn. Look at trees, flowers, the sky etc what do you notice?



Maths - You will need something that can be a counter - lego pieces, pasta etc.

With another person, both take a handful of counters. Count how many you have. Who has the most?

You might like to play 'Play your cards right' which is attached as a link below.

English - Make a trap to catch your predator from your innovated story. It can be a small trap! Take a picture of your finished masterpiece.

Art - Draw a picture of the trap you made in English.

Singing: Sing the song 'God's Love is bigger than a burger'. Remember to include the actions!

Link is below. 



Maths - Write a number line starting at zero all the way to 20. Now start at 5, and write up to 20.

Can you start at 12 and count back to zero? Try some of your own.

English - write a list of the materials you used to make your trap. Eg lego is made from plastic. 

PE - Run on the spot for 1 minute. Do star jumps for 1 minute - how many can you do? Put your back against the wall, how far can you jump forwards? Can you stand on one leg for 30 seconds? Find a step, how many step ups, onto just the first step, can you do in 1 minute? Repeat the activities, can you beat your previous score?

DT - build a model of your predator or prey from your innovated story. You can use anything!



To access reading books at home, please use the Oxford Owl log in details below.


Class 3:

Username: bhclass.3
Password: Class.3


Class 4:


Username: bhclass.4
Password: Class.4

The link below shows book bands and should help in finding the books that match your child's level.