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Religious Education

At Bishop Henderson the education process is rooted in the living faith of the school. Religious Education is not just an academic subject but lies at the very heart of the curriculum, and has an important role in reflecting and conveying the distinctively Christian character of the school.


RE is key to fulfilling the purpose of a church school as described by the late Lord Runcie whilst he was Archbishop of Canterbury.


  • To nourish those of faith
  • To encourage those of other faiths
  • To challenge those who have no faith


Our RE is shaped using the National Framework, ‘Understanding Christianity’ resources and the Somerset agreed syllabus, Awareness, Mystery and Value, which is enquiry based. It is centred around two attainment targets.


  • Learning about religion
  • Learning from religion


So RE in our school should help pupils to:


  • Think theologically and explore the great questions of life and death, meaning and purpose
  • Reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief
  • See how the truth of Christianity is relevant in society today
  • Recognise that faith is not based on a balance of probabilities but on a commitment to a particular way of understanding God and the world
  • Develop a sense of themselves as significant, unique and precious
  • Experience the breadth and variety of the Christian community
  • Engage in thoughtful dialogue with other faiths and traditions
  • Become active citizens, serving their neighbour
  • Find a reason for hope in our troubled world
  • Understand how faith can sustain them in difficult circumstances and in the faith of opposition


Other World Faiths and World Views – RE in our school should also help pupils to.


  • Learn about other faiths, their beliefs and traditions and practices
  • Recognise and respect those of all faiths in their search for God
  • Recognise areas of common belief and practice between different faiths
  • Enrich and expand their understanding of truth, while remaining faithful to their own faith tradition
  • Enrich their own faith through examples of holy living in other traditions
  • Recognise the common human quest for justice, peace and love, and the common goal of the survival of life on this planet


If you would like to learn more about the RE Syllabus, please refer to:

Awareness, Mystery and Value - The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Somerset