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Day 1 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)


RE – Sukkot


Today we are going to look at the celebration, Sukkot - the Jewish harvest festival.


Watch a video about Sukkot:


There is a PowerPoint all about it below.

You might like to make a Sukkah of your own. You could make a mini one for a doll or toy of yours. Think about having natural materials like leaves and sticks for the roof.

Day 2 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)



Geography - Aerial View Photographs


Think about all the things we have learnt so far about the United Kingdom and England.


Look at the PowerPoint that is in resources. This will recap what we have learnt and introduce us to Aerial photographs. This are photos that have been taken from up high. Look how much we can see in one photo!


Can you recognise any of the places from the aerial photos on the PowerPoint?


Then, with an adult, have a look at some aerial views of places you know on Google Maps.  

Day 3


Science and DT

Find out about all the amazing creatures that live under the ocean.

What is an ocean habitat?


Can you make a shoe box aquarium?


You could use any kind of box.

It doesn’t have to be an aquarium. It could be any animal theme

For example:

  • Under the soil
  • In the jungle
  • A pet house

You can use any materials, recycled items to make it.

Day 4


Art and Design

A few ideas to try:

This is a picture painted on ice!

Freeze a layer of water to make a sheet of ice.

Then paint an underwater picture of it. Take a photo and then watch it melt away!



Draw an underwater picture with wax crayons, oil pastels or waterproof pens.

Use watery blue paint to paint over the top.


Day 5


Music and Mindfulness


While you listen to this ocean music and watch the underwater video, you could draw, make patterns and add words that help to describe your thoughts and feelings while listening.