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Revise hobbies and rooms within a school are in French via the videos. 

Activity 1: use the flash cards to remind yourself what the French word is for various hobbies.


Activity 2: create a map of the school with the rooms listed in French, use the resource to show you the names of the rooms but you don’t need to print it to draw the map.


Google translate:





Watch the videos about plastics and recycling. 

Task 1: do the online quiz to see what you remember from the videos. 


Task 2 (optional) sort the materials into how they can be recycled, does not need to be printed, it could be done as a discussion instead.


Task 3: create a leaflet about why recycling is so important.



Watch the video about Henri Rousseau’s ‘surprised’

He used his imagination to create this scene, using the resources can you do the same?

Task: imagine a rainforest scene, can you create your own piece of art called ‘surprised’ use his pictures and the resources for inspiration. (Remember to use your imagination!)





Seed dispersal is part of the life cycle of a plant, it is where the seed is carried away from the plant in order to find it a new area to grow. Read about plants that have spinning seeds:

You are going to investigate what will keep a spinning seed in the air the longest and therefore let it get further away from the parent plant, giving it a better chance to get nutrients and sunlight.

Task: follow the instructions to make a paper spinner, can you make predictions as to what will keep it in the air the longest, then change some aspects of the design to test if your prediction was correct.



Task: Try one of the Minecraft hour of code games, watch the video and try to complete the challenges.