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Look at examples of Kandinsky’s artwork. Recreate a similar piece of artwork using a mixture of acute, obtuse and reflex angles. If you have a protractor you could measure the specific angles given, if not you can just create a range of different angles.

Task: recreate a Kandinsky piece of art by measuring angles.










Watch this video walking through the rainforest biome at the Eden Project, think about what it might be like to survive in the rainforest. Can you think of 9 things that would be essential to survive in the rainforest and then put them into an order of importance.

Task: to create a diamond 9s to show what you would need and how important it would be.


Research the life cycle of a frog, find out what a complete metamorphosis is and why the frog’s lifecycle is classed as complete. Can you find out what an incomplete metamorphosis is and any creatures’ life cycle that is classed as incomplete.

Task: write a paragraph that describes the difference between a complete and incomplete metamorphosis.


Research the lifecycle of a butterfly, it is also classed as a complete metamorphosis.

Look at the PowerPoint and the video for reference.

Task: to create a annotated diagram that shows each stage of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Amazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly 2020-02-07 14_08_57 2020-05-20 13_08_14.mp4

Still image for this video


Work through the powerpoint looking at the images and information and watch the short video clips that explain a bit more about the mosque and prayer. Think about what you read and see. Are there questions you would like to know the answer to?

Task: find the answer to these questions and then draw your favourite part of the mosque.

It could be the whole building, the dome the minaret or the special arch that shows the direction of Mecca.  The powerpoint and films will show examples of these.