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Read the PowerPoint about the process of reproduction in flowering plants. 

Task: Create an information leaflet/poster which shows the whole process of pollination from start to finish. It should include some writing and labelled diagrams.

See picture and video for reference.



Watch the short film clip which introduces the five pillars of Islam, the main rules Muslims live by. This explains what each of the pillars means. 

Task: Answer the questions below and then create a poster to show your understanding.



Research a river that you are unfamiliar with or a famous one that you have heard of, what interesting facts can you find out about it?

Where does it start? Where does it end? What countries does it flow through? Have any major events happened on it?

For example: 

You may find out which river the most famous boat race takes place on, or that there is a river in America that a pilot managed to land a jumbo jet plane onto safely after it was hit by birds.

5 facts you probably didn't know about rivers

Task: research a river you are unfamiliar with and present that information in any way you wish.




Mixing colours: create a Colour wheel using either paint or pencils. Focus on creating different shades of the same colour. It will help you paint/colour your flower in tomorrows lesson.

Task: create a colour wheel to practice mixing colours.

How to paint the colour wheel

Color Wheel and Color Theory: worksheets in colored pencils





Draw and colour/paint a still life of a flower or a bunch of flowers. You could paint/draw a flower from home or find an example of a flower that you like on the internet. Try to recreate the flower as accurately as possible.

Task: create a still life painting or drawing of a flower.

The videos aren’t step by step tutorials, but may give you some inspiration.

Water colour video: How to Paint Simple Flowers in Watercolor

Colouring pencils: How To Draw A Flower-Color Pencil Drawing