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Do some research into the Islamic religion, use the websites and videos provided in the document below. Find the answers to the questions and record them.

There is also an additional activity showing you how to create an Islamic geometric pattern if you would like to give it a go.


Parts of a plant involved in pollination.

Look through the PowerPoint and the video about the different parts of the plant involved in pollination. 

Can you find a flowering plant at home and identify where these parts of the plant are? If not see if you can identify the separate parts on the image below.

As an extra challenge you could think about different ways of recording what you have seen, photos or a video?

Video that shows parts of a flower: Parts of a flower and Pollination | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids


Create a labelled diagram of the parts of a flowering plant that are involved in reproduction.

Describe the role of each part of the plant in the pollination process.  


Use the PowerPoint again and the video from yesterday to find out about the function of each part, the attached sheet is to be used as a template for what your diagram could look like, it does not need to be printed to complete this activity.



The journey of a river. 

Look through the PowerPoint and watch the attached videos to learn about the journey of a river, can you create a diagram to show the different parts of the river? Use the attached document as a template, it does not need to be printed in order to complete the activity.

Explain what is happening at each point in as much detail as you can.

Use these links to help you find detail about each part of a river, note that not all of the links in the PowerPoint work.


Try some of Mr Low’s fundamental skills challenges.