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The world, watch the videos about the Earth and how we can see features using globes and atlases. Complete the interactive quizzes on activity 1 and 3.





Mixing, dissolving and separation, watch the videos about what happens when you mix solids with liquids. Complete the quiz for activity 1 and if you are able to do activity 2 with an adult, can you record what happened and how you did it?





Helpful hands creative art project.

Explore the theme of “Helpful Hands” and create an ideas page in your sketchbook, on paper, on the side of a cardboard box!  - do some sketches, cut out pictures, print out photos, make some notes, words etc to show what you are thinking…who’s hands have helped? What have they done for us, for you?



These are just the first thoughts I had about “Helpful Hands” and COVID19 and the kinds of things everyone is doing with their hands… you could explore lots of ideas about things we do with our hands, or things that a particular person might do with their hands in a ‘helpful’ capacity. Draw around some hands and annotate with your thoughts…maybe take one of my ideas, or find your own…if you don’t have some large paper to work on – see if there is a cardboard box, cereal box or something that is plain on the inside…cut off one side and there is a great surface to work on…


Photo 1 – Exploring Ideas related to “Helpful hands’


You could cut out of catalogues and magazines (don’t forget to ask first) and create a great IDEAS BOARD


Picture 1

Anything is fair game at this stage, as you are just trying to see lots of different angles on the theme: 

“Helping Hands” (showing love through…)

Caring Hands – doctors, medical, nurses, parents, carers etc

Safe Hands – public services – fire service, police, ambulance, coast guard etc, 

Delivering Hands – post, shops, food, mail-order etc, shelf-stacking hands

Creative Hands – online services, artists, musicians, teachers, painters, drawers, printers etc

Mending/Practical Hands – plumbers, electricians, sewing machinists, mechanics, 

Growing food hands – vegetable growers, fruit growers, farmers, gardeners etc






Develop any of these responses into ideas for art work; look at artists’ work - both famous and local, try things out, see if you like the result – try again with a different idea or materials – start with a drawing – try different sizes, scales, print using different paints, colours, on different backgrounds – even if you have just paper and pencils. How about gloves specially designed for different occupations… or decorated hands using an artists’ style…you could combine lots of ideas to make your artwork.





Create a dance that you can do by yourself of with someone at home. You could take pictures of the dance moves or film it.