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Create a poster that shows appreciation to key workers, for example you could create a rainbow poster or picture that are currently displayed in many windows or you could choose to create a different style of poster that says thank you in your own way.




Try a draw with rob video, he is a children’s writer and illustrator who has created many interesting and colourful characters. Try and draw along with him and see how well you can recreate his artwork.

Website link:




Types of settlement, watch the videos and discover about what a settlement is and why there are different types of settlement.

Complete the activities on the website page.





Singing with feeling. Watch the videos and think about how songs can be performed in different ways. 

Choose your favourite song at the moment and answer the questions about how it is sung.

Can you sing along with the choir in the video at the end?

Activity 3 are completely optional activities for you to look at if you would like to.

BBC Bitesize website:



Design a VE Day medal for a solider who served in the armed forces during the Second World War, look at the medal given at the end of the First World War (picture below) and what each element of the medal represents. Can you think carefully about what you would put on the medal and what it would represent?

You could research other medals were given out during World War Two.