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We are thinking about 'Why we have classroom rules?'.


Discuss with a grown up, why your teachers do for you, how you can help them and why we have classroom rules. 


Watch the video of the story 'Miss Nelson is Missing'. The link is below. 

Why did the children change their behaviour?

Do rules help us to learn?



Look at the pictures and think about which pictures are features you would find in the countryside and which you would find in a town.

Can you sort them correctly?

Pictures and a Venn diagram are below should you wish to print them. You could just write them down.



PE - Skipping - How many skips can you do in 30 seconds. Can you beat your score?



Art - Draw a picture of what your toys might get up to if they were alive.



Handwriting - Using pencil, practise writing  school, are, friend and put in your best cursive writing.