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Addition and Subtraction


Practise completing addition and subtraction number sentences.

There are mixed calculations attached. You do not need to print the resources. Please copy and answer the question onto paper.


Remember, when you add, the number gets bigger!


When you subtract (takeaway), the number gets smaller!


You can use a number line or objects to help you.


Weather Diary


(Zoom Session)

There is an attached weather diary as an idea of how you could set it out. There is no need to print this.

Draw a picture of what the weather looks like today. Describe what it is like.

If you have a thermometer/weathervane/rain gauge, you could talk in more detail about the weather and record any findings.


Write about what you might wear based on what the weather is like today and why.

e.g. if the weather is hot and sunny, you could write...

I would wear a sunhat, some shorts, and some sun cream. This would protect me from the sun and keep me cool. 


Think carefully about your sentences.


- Sound words out carefully

- Ascenders (tall letters) and descenders (long letters)

- Finger spaces

- Capital letters

- Full stops

- Cursive writing

- Read back your work

- Edit mistakes


Handwriting – Using a pencil, we will be practising the months of the year in our cursive handwriting- January and February



You will all receive an email containing links to your phonics for each day of this week.