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RWInc (Please follow the link for each day sent to you via email) If you would like more RWInc resources there are free videos available on YouTube.


In pencil practise writing the days of the week. Today can you write Monday.

Don’t forget your capital letter.


Learning Objective: I can identify the features of a list poem.


Zoom with Miss King. Miss King will share some list poems with you. We will talk about their features.


Learning Objective: I can measure using a ruler 


Watch the lesson below 


Having watched the lesson, please complete the worksheet. 

You DO NOT need to print off the worksheet. 

Measuring using a ruler


Fireworks in a Glass 

Please carry out the science experiment below and then record what happens. 

Please draw a picture and write a sentence to say what happens.  

Fireworks in a Glass


Complete the Outdoor Activity as stated in the Well-being planning which can be found on the website.



Choose a Mindful activity, from the Well-being planning.