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RWInc (Please follow the link for each day sent to you via email) If you would like more RWInc resources there are free videos available on Youtube.


In pencil, practise g, h and i in your cursive handwriting. For support, please use the attached handwriting sheet.


Learning objective: I can write a fact file.

An introduction to fish. Then write a fact file on fish



Learning Objective: I can recognise number bonds to 20.

Find as many different ways as you can to make 20.


Using pasta (or other small objects) how many ways can you break 20 up to create two parts. These will make your number bonds to 20.

e.g. 17 + 3


Record your findings as number sentences.


We would love to see how many number bonds you found?



Learning Objective: To understand what our local area is like.

Using Google Maps can you explore our local area. (you could use street view and explore the path/road you would take to get there. What can you see on your journey?)


Start at Bishop Henderson School. Can you find the following places?


1) St Michael’s Church

2) Tesco Express

3) A local Park

4) Your House

5) Vivary Park

6) A place of your choice (within your local area)

This could be a family members house, a local shop or even a friend's house)



Scavenger Hunt with Miss King on Zoom

Class 3 – 9.30

Class 4 – 10.00


Have a go at this challenge today:


Ski Chase –Winter Themed Game