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Here we will be posting daily Maths activities that will revise the units of work we have covered so far this year. Consistent practise of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication would be an ideal way to start a Maths session. 

There is also now some additional challenges on the tab at the bottom of the screen.



All children have been given a username and password in order to log into MyMaths.

Firstly they will be required to use the school login and password:

Username: Bishophen

Password: triangle

Then click my portal login to enter the personal username and password.

From here they can access lessons and online homework (specific ones will be set for children as their daily Maths)

If your child does not have their username and password, e-mail your teacher and they will be able to provide you with both.



Nrich is a free website that offers mathematical challenges and investigations, they are grouped by different subjects and have a range of ages and difficulties. (some may need adult guidance to be accessible)