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Day 1 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)



Position and Direction

Position and direction is a way of describing turns made by shapes or objects. It could also be called rotating.

Draw a circle and split it into quarters. Label it start/whole turn, quarter turn, half turn and three quarters turn.




Face the front of the room you’re in. This will be your starting position.

Which way would you be facing if you did a whole turn. (all the way around). You would be facing the front still. This is called a whole turn as you have completed the turn and returned back to where you started.


Now which wall would you be facing if you were to do half a turn.

The back wall! Why? Because we have gone half of the way around.

Return to the starting position and ask which wall you would be facing if you did a quarter turn. Refer to the diagram of the circle that has been drawn.

Repeat this with a three quarter turn.


Watch this video


Can you give instructions similar to the Bison in the video using the language ‘quarter’, ‘half’ and ‘three quarters’ and ‘full/whole turn’. Turn to the direction you ask. (left or right direction or turn is not important at this point so they can turn either way, the priority is their understanding of the turns.)


You could also have a go at using turning man tool. Have a go at turning him either a quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn or a whole or full turn.


Day 2 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)



Position and Direction


Today, complete some fun activities that involve using position and direction.


Below are some video/songs to support with learning your left and right.


Dancing Granny


Left and right song:



Activity 1 - Position of objects – Using a variety of objects, different types, sizes and colours, ask a series of statements that requires them to think about what abject you are choosing e.g. the teddy is to the right of the car etc. or I’m thinking of the object to the left of ????

Use language to encourage the use of left and right.

Can you work with someone in your household to ask them to locate the object you are describing through position and direction.


Activity 2 - Dance – Cha Cha slide - (Start from 29 seconds)This is to encourage them to think about their lefts, rights, forwards and backwards quickly.

Day 3



Can you play Happy Families?


Collect 20 small objects from around your house.


Make two little groups of objects, for example: 5 and 12.


Now make happy families with them. There should be two additions and two subtractions.


5 + 12 = 17

12 + 5 = 17

17 – 5 = 12

17 – 12 = 5






The SAME three numbers will be used in every calculation.

Day 4



Can you investigate these magic squares?


Find them below.


Outdoor stick squares challenge:

How many squares and rectangles can you make within a square?

Extra challenge: How many corners are there? How many sides are there?


Day 5



Addition or Subtraction bingo


Make a playing board with 6 spaces on it.









Choose 6 numbers between 0 and 30 and write one in each square.


Make some number cards on some paper or post-it notes. There needs to be 22 cards from 0 to 20. Write 0 to 10 in one colour and 10 to 20 in another colour

Turn your cards over. Pick two cards (one from each colour)and add them together. If you have the answer on your bingo mat cross it off. Keep going until you have all 6 crossed off and then shout BINGO!


Repeat the game using subtraction this time. This time you can randomly turn over any two number cards during the game. Choose 6 numbers between 1 and 20 to put on your bingo mat.