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For Maths we are using the My Maths website where we will set you a piece of work to complete. This comes with the lesson, games and an activity - it will be on the site for a week. We have sent the passwords home for the children however if you have lost this information or did not receive it, please email the class email and ask for the relevant information.


Alternatively, use a dice and make up addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations; practice your times tables or bake a cake using the scales and understanding different measures.

White Rose Maths


If you would like some optional extra maths to do please look at White Rose Maths - Home Learning.  

There is a video which goes through the topic of the day and then there is an activity to work through.  This is presented as a worksheet but please do not feel it needs to be printed off - you can work through the questions on the screen, writing the answers in your exercise books.  Once you have completed the questions, there is a further document with the answers on. 

This work will cover a different concept to the one on MyMaths. 

If you find there is a video lesson but no worksheets - please e-mail us, telling us which lesson you are on and we can e-mail the worksheets to you.