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This weeks maths work focuses on time. Each activity will be on MyMaths which has a lesson presentation and then an activity for your child to do.

If you have still not received your child's MyMaths login, please email your child's teacher. If you do not receive a response that day (within the hours of 9am and 3pm) please try sending via a different email address if possible. There has been a couple of technical issues where emails are being received but the teacher is unable to respond to the provided email address.



My Maths - Sequencing events



My Maths - Understanding time



My Maths - Starting to tell the time



My Maths - Talking about time



My Maths - Comparing time


Below is a variety of extra resources that can be used to support your child's understanding of time if you wish to do so. Please note that these are optional activities and it is not an expectation that you complete them :). 

We have tried to include a mixture of on-screen and off-screen resources for you.


  • Play a fun game of 'What's the Time Mr Wolf!' 
  • Draw some pictures to sequence the events of your day.