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 Lent is the six weeks before Easter. It is an important time for Christians and reminds us of the time when Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness reflecting on his life.

It is a time for us also to reflect on ways that we can change for the better some of the things that we do.
Last year during Lent our school was involved in 40 acts of kindness in the community.

This year we are thinking of 40 ways that we can care for our environment, and in attempting to make changes in our personal and family life styles, we shall be helping  to care for  God’s creation  and help save the planet.

Inside this leaflet you will find 40 suggestions. Many of these have been suggested by pupils who are members of Bishop Henderson School Council. 

40 days of Lent: 40 suggestions:

1.    Switch off lights as you leave a room 
2.    Keep doors closed and exclude as much draught as you can.
3.    Leave the car at home. Walk or cycle instead. Share lifts or use public transport. Drive more slowly.
4.    Recycle – even more. Use old clothes for dusters.
5.    Make and use a compost site.
6.    Shower instead of taking a bath.
7.    Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth.
8.    Turn the thermostat down and wear warmer clothes.
9.    Only boil enough water in the kettle for what you need.
10.    Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly. A heavily frosted fridge uses more energy.
11.    Use recycled paper. Look out for other recycled products
12.    Use fair trade products
13.    Don’t leave electrical goods on stand by
14.    Collect rain water for watering the garden
15.    Use eco products
16.    Find out about wind farms and using the power of the sea and tides for energy sources.
17.    Buy loose fruit and vegetables to save packaging.
18.    Take your own shopping bags. Give up using plastic bags.
19.    Grow your own herbs and vegetables
20.    Find out about solar panels
21.    Use low energy light bulbs
22.    Don’t iron everything you wear
23.    Save water you don’t drink by putting it in the fridge for later or putting it  in the kettle 
24.    Wait for a full load of washing before putting the washing machine on, or a full dishwasher load.
25.    Do you need to have clean clothes every day?
26.    Only buy enough food for your needs. Don’t waste food.
27.    Stick old soap on to the bottom of a new bar of soap.
28.    Shop locally, take your own shopping bags. Give up using plastic bags. 
29.    Mend – don’t throw away

30.    Use both sides of a piece of paper, whether writing or printing.
31.    Recycle old birthday and Christmas cards – make new from old.
32.    Open presents carefully and save wrapping paper to use again
33.    Re-use your plastic water bottles
34.    Have a TV free evening
35.    Have a clear out. Take things to charity shops or see
36.    Plant a tree. A tree helps to reduce carbon emissions. “A peace offering to the earth”
37.    Plan your garden with  some plants that need less water
38.    Make sure taps are turned off when not in use.
39.    Only wash your car when it’s completely necessary.
40. Remember not to drop litter


The smaller the bill for your home or the school, the smaller the bill for our planet.