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Year 3 Invade Wales

Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed a visit to Caerleon in Wales, the site of a Roman fortress.  They enjoyed visiting the amphitheatre, the museum, the barracks and also the remains of the baths.  Each child took along a Roman shield which they had made at home - thank you all for the support in making these ready for the trip!  The children enjoyed using their shields to recreate the very successful Roman battle techniques.  

Science Week

What a great week we have had!  The whole school took part in our exciting Science activities with a range of different things happening throughout the school.   Every class took part in a filtration experiment at their own level.  We also all had the opportunity to respond to the Whale Tail visit by finding creative ways of reusing things which would otherwise have been thrown away.  There are some photographs here for you to see what the children achieved.

A busy few weeks in school!

I haven't done very well with keeping this blog up-to-date as there has been so much going on!  We have had trips for some year groups, a visit from the Space Dome to Year 5 and 6 and lots of exciting learning opportunities throughout the school.  We are about to embark on our Science Week and I will update you with some photographs of that once we have finished it!

Book week begins!

We had a great deal of fun in assembly yesterday as Book Week began in school.  Unusually, this year we have two themes running across the school.  KS1 are working on the theme of The Wizard of Oz and KS2's theme is The Secret Garden.

Our assembly aimed to tie the two themes together with Mr Low (dressed as a Flower Pot man) as a sad a lonely flower pot, kept in a secret garden by the grumpiest gardeners you should ever have the misfortune of meeting (Mrs Symes and Mrs Newberry).  He was joined by first Dorothy (Miss Mead), then the Scarecrow (Mrs Adlam) and finally by two munchkins (Miss Tarr and Mr Cridge.)  They were all trapped by the gardeners until the Yellow Brick Road turned up (Mrs Garland) and they were all able to follow her to safety!  Lots of fun was had by all!  Hopefully the teachers won't realise that I've put photographs on here for you all to see!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Ronald Comes to visit

Ronald Comes to visit 1
Ronald Comes to visit 2
Classes 7 and 8 have been learning about skeletons and so they asked if they could borrow my tortoise, Ronald, for the day.  He had a lovely time meeting all of the children and then spending time pottering around in my office for the rest of the day.  He is a really sociable reptile, and particularly enjoyed the visit of the stars of the week at the end of the day.  Thank you to all of the children who were so gentle with him!

Update from Kilve


I have just spoken to Mrs Keen who has said that they have had a fantastic day of activities on site today.  All of the children have really enjoyed their day and are ready to spend the evening in the maze and completing the night walk.  Some sleep was had last night and the children are in good spirits and have enjoyed the beautiful weather.



Year 6 go to Kilve!


I felt very privileged to be invited to join Year 6 yesterday as they set off for their adventure at Kilve Court.

After an exciting bus journey there (following a tractor for some considerable time!) they arrived to find staff ready to greet them and welcome them to the site.  The children took all of their suitcases up to their rooms and then set off for a walk to the beach - an excellent opportunity to stretch their legs!

We all arrived at the beach at lunch time and enjoyed a picnic together on the grass before heading down onto the rocks.  The tide was going out and left behind a beautiful scene of rocks and stones.  The children's challenge was to  create some stone sculptures in groups and their creativity was amazing!  There are a few photographs here for you to enjoy of the children exploring the beach.


As we left the beach and I had to sadly depart to come back to school, they were all heading off to the Chantry Tea Rooms for their ice-cream.  I spoke to staff late last night and they said that all was quiet and that the children had settled really well for the night.  I am sure they will sleep - at least a little - before their exciting day two!

Hello !


Well, it's very exciting to be writing my first blog on our school website.  I have been headteacher here for one whole week already, and what a super start it has been!  The children, staff and families have been so welcoming and I am feeling at home already.  My new task is to get to know the names and faces of the whole school family - though with over 400 children, I feel it may take me a little while!  


Thank you to those who have already come and introduced themselves to me.  I endeavour to be out on the playground most mornings and afternoons before and after school, so please do come and have a chat and help me get to know you.


I will aim to update this page as often as possible so do pop here every now and then to see what we have been getting up to.  


Goodbye for now!

Mrs White