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A New Christmas Tradition


This year, instead of decorating our tree with purchased baubles and tinsel, we asked the children to make a decoration and bring it in to put on the tree.  We had no idea what fantastic ideas the children and their families would come up with!  Our tree has looked so incredibly beautiful this year and we are so proud of it!  Thank you to all of you who made something for the tree - we all agree that a new tradition has been born and that this will be how we decorate it from now on!  here are a few photographs for you to enjoy!


Sid the Eagle

Our very own Sid the Eagle, created by the talon-ted Mr Gibbs, is making a splash with the local press.  The Somerset Gazette ran an article about Mr Gibbs and his amazing creation earlier this week and BBC Radio Somerset are heading our way this afternoon to interview him and some pupils.  Tune into BBC Somerset Sound during the breakfast show on Friday 17th December to hear more.  There is a link to the Gazette article below.

Chance to enjoy our performances


We were really sad not to be able to invite parents in to see our Nativity performances or our Carol Service.  We hope that you will enjoy the films which the children and staff have prepared instead.  Please follow the link below to watch them.

Book Week


There was a real buzz around school just before half-term as we enjoyed our annual Book Week.  This year, it was based on a new book by James Mayhew - Once Upon a Tune: Stories from the Orchestra.  This really captured the children’s imagination and they produced some wonderful work as a result.  Monday started with KS1 dressed as Wizards - to link with their story - ‘The Sorcerer's Apprentice’.  KS2 came dressed as Trolls to link with ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’.   Each year group explored their story in different ways - culminating in a chance to meet the author (via the joys of Zoom) on Thursday morning.  Huge thanks to Mrs Jerrard for arranging the week and to all of the staff who have put so much effort into making this a week to remember. 

Incredible Fundraising Efforts

Two of our Year 5 pupils were busy over the summer holidays raising money for the school.  This was something that they individually chose to do and we are so proud of all they achieved.  Huge thanks to both of them for their ideas, their dedication and their determination to make a difference to our school. 




Gabriella and her grandfather grew some Euchim plants from seed.  She then ran a stall selling her plants and raised a fantastic £40 for the school.  We will have a couple of her Euchims growing in the school as well.  Thank you Gabriella!



Sienna designed some characters which she painted onto t-shirts.  She made posters to put around school to advertise them, took orders for the designs, then made and distributed the finished clothing.  She raised a fantastic £20 for the school.  Thank you Sienna!




Off to a Flying Start

Our new term has got off to a great stat.  Our new starters in Reception are settling in brilliantly and are showing up what super members of the school they are already.  We have had several children join us in other year groups as well and are making friends and enjoying life at Bishop Henderson.  We want to offer a really warm welcome to all of our new families.  We are pleased to see you.


Our Year 6 pupils have returned from a fantastic trip away to Kilve Outdoor Education centre where they spent three days learning about coasts, taking part in all sorts of activities and enjoying staying away from home for 2 nights.  We are really proud of each of them for challenging themselves, trying new things and being wonderful ambassadors for our school.  Well done to all of them. 

Welcome to the Academic Year 2021-2022


I hope that you have all had a great summer and that your families are ready for the new challenges and adventures ahead this coming school year.  Welcome to all of our new familes and welcome back to those returning.

We are excited to see things returning almost to normal with children and adults able to mix more freely within school.  It was such a joy yesterday to see the children enjoying time together on the field yesterday, to see them playing across year groups - and particularly, to see them all together in the hall for the first collective worship together since February 2020.  As one member of staff commented, 'It is the heart-beat of the school and I had no idea just how much I had missed it.'  It was quite an emotional moment for us all.

What a busy Summer term


Despite the restrictions that were in place, we managed to have a really full and busy summer term.  We held our first ever Bishop Henderson Olympics over two days, had a Year 6 residential on the school field and had lots of fun in the sun.  We managed to have opportunity for every child to meet their new class teacher ahead of the summer break.  We are really looking forward to having our children back in September and hoping that things may be able to  return to a bit of normality then.  Have a great summer everyone!

Looking Forward to Next Week!


We are just two school days away from re-opening to those pupils who we haven't seen since before Christmas and we are so looking forward to seeing you all!  This has seemed like such a long 9 weeks - though its hard to believe that we are already in March.  Hopefully as you all return, the sun will join with you and we can enjoy lots of time outside.


We are really conscious that we will all be returning having had very different experiences of the time at home.  The teachers are all planning for a gentle start back into learning at school - with plenty of opportunity for chatting with friends, working together and (weather permitting) being outside.  We hope that you are looking forward to being with us all again, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

All Creatures Great and Small


One suggestion from the parental survey about remote learning, was to ask that we could have some home learning set that siblings could complete together.  We loved this idea and so planned the first week after half term with this in mind.  The whole school took on the theme of All Creatures Great and Small and whilst Maths and English were specific for their year group, our topic sessions were the same across the school.  We have had a great response to these activities as families joined together to complete activities.  There are a few photographs here of the learning which you all did.  Well done, I hope that you really enjoyed the tasks.

Potato (and other vegetables) Challenge


We had great fun in collective worship today as we created something from our potatoes or other vegetables!  Thank you to all who managed to log onto Zoom and participate.  Here are a few of the fantastic creations that the children made.

Fun with the Family Challenge


With our second lockdown underway, I thought it might be fun to set another family challenge.  This week in the Lilac letter I challenged families to find a way of representing a traditional story at home.  Harry from class 3, along with his little brother Tommy, had fun recreating both The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk at home.  Here are some photographs for you to enjoy.  If you also did the challenge, I'd love to see or hear about what you did.  

Welcome Back!


It has been so great to see the positive way in which our children have come back into school over the past couple of weeks.  They have seemed so pleased to be back with their friends and with their classes.  We are so impressed with the way that they have adapted to the new routines around school.  Well done to them all.  Thank you again for the very positive support of our families at this strange time. 

Reverend Jenny


Hi all, I have the great pleasure of adding a link below which is a letter sent by Reverend Jenny to us all.  Please do have a read - it is great to hear from her and to know that she is now on the mend.

Friday Challenge number 4


Dear all, thank you for the messages which have been coming in from families over the past week.  We are really loving them.  We had a care package of lots of goodies from one family which kept staff going for days - this was so unexpeced but so appreciated.  Thanks as well to Year 2 who have put together a super video for the staff - it caused 'serious eye-leakage' and cases of unexpected hayfever in many of the staff.  For those who have not seen it, please head over to our video resource centre where you can see it.


This got me thinking.  These things meant so much to us - and we are the lucky ones who get to come out of our homes and see other people reguarly as part of our job.  I wonder what we can do for folks who are near us - or distant from us, who might be lonely, sad and confused at the moment.  I know many of you are already reaching out to your neighbours and family - perhaps you can share your stories with us of those things that you are all doing.  If you haven't managed to do anything yet, perhaps now is the time to give something a try.  Write a letter, draw a picture, phone someone who you haven't spoken to in a long time?  Please share your stories with us so that we can celebrate our caring, outward looking school community.  

Friday Challenge number three!


Afternoon to you all.  Thank you for the photographs of your Candle Art which were sent in last week - I have been working from home this week and so will be able to post these onto the website at the start of next week. 

Well, school has continued on, thanks to our super staff.  They have provided all sorts of different activities for the children to enjoy which have been well received.  The staff have been busy preparing next week's home learning ready for you all.  Again - please do what works for your and your unique family situation.  Do keep in contact with your class teachers via the email system, they like hearing from you and hopefully it helps your children to feel connected to school.  Our daily collective worship sessions will resume on Monday and will feature on the video resource page under the Children tab.


So - today's challenge.....

I would like you to make a 3D paper model of something - anything which you would like.  The only rule is that it must only be made of paper (and things like selotape or glue).  Perhaps you would like to re-create an activity that you have enjoyed, or try to make a model of part of your house, or create a 3D scene of the first thing you'd like to do once lockdown is over - it's up to you!  As usual, take a photograph and send it on over to us here at school to enjoy!

Thanks all, hoping that we can all be together soon. x

Friday Challenge number two!


Hello all, I hope that you have enjoyed a sunny Good Friday and are all staying home safe and well.  We have had just a few children in school today and so we cooked a roast lunch together and enjoyed eating it outside in the sunshine.  Staff this week have all been busy preparing a special surprise for you all - keep your eyes on facebook, twitter and the website as it will appear very soon!


Thank you to our super Friends association who organised the super virtual disco for  us all on Thursday evening.  It was super and great to be able to connect with lots of you.  


Now, for your Friday challenge this week, I would love you to have a go at the Easter Candle Art that has been posted on all of your class pages - there is also one below.  If you have already done it, please just take a picture and send it in to our school email address so that I can share it below.  I look forward to seeing what you can create!  

Easter Fun

We have some children of Key Workers who have needed care over the Easter holidays and so school is open - just not quite the same as usual!  Today the children have decorated some hard boiled eggs and then taken them onto the field for some fun with Mrs Beattie's catapult.  There is a link below to a video showing the fun that we all had!  There are a few photos of the beautiful eggs for you to see as well.  (They didn't look quite so beautiful after they were launched!)  We also had fun launching some water balloons!  Huge thanks to Mrs Beattie for such an awesome idea!  

Here is the link for our catapult fun!

Friday Challenge - 03.04.20


Hi all!  This is the start of a new weekly challenge whilst we are in this period of school closure.  Each Friday I will post a new challenge for you to engage with - in whatever way you wish to.  If you would like to, please take a photograph of you completing your challenge and send in to the school email address.  I will put a gallery of photographs on this page for the school community to share.  


So - today's challenge is to build a den.  This could be indoors, or outdoors, it could be tiny, it could be huge!  I look forward to seeing what you manage to create!

Week One of Closure

Hello to all of you.  We have almost reached the end of the first week since we had to close the school to the majority of our pupils.  Thank you to all who have been in contact to wish us all the best and thank you for the way you have worked to put childcare in place so that those in school are those really in need of our support.


We have got into a rhythm here in school.  Our mornings are spent completing the online learning which teachers have been posting for you all, and the afternoons have been a mixture of sport and craft activities.  Mr Low has posted a morning workout on our Video Resource Centre each day (link to be found below) along with a fundemental skills challenge.  We have had a time of collective worship all together each day, this has been filmed and is also available for you to see via the link below.  This week we have followed the story of Joseph in parts each day.


I am very aware that some of you are finding keeping up with learning at home really challenging and I wanted just to say something about that.  We have provided a range of things to help you, not to become a burden that has to be completed each day.  We are aware that every families situation is different, many of you are still trying to work full time whether at home or elsewhere, many of you are trying to support other vulnerable members of the family and school work can become another added pressure.  I am also aware that levels of anxiety for you, and for your children may be really high at this time and the ability to focus on a task can be impossible.


The most important thing is to make sure that things are manageable for you all.  It is far more important that your children spend time with you, have chance to play safely outside, spend time with a board game, or baking a cake than spending hours in front of a screen completing tasks.  Please just use these as a back up if and when you need them.  We are not expecting you to suddenly become homeschooling experts overnight.  


Please feel free to contact your class teachers via the email addresses which are on each year group page, they are ready and willing to chat and support each of you.  We are also here each day at school if you need to contact us, please just ring in.  


Thank you all, speak again soon.   Rachel White

Sport Relief


What a super week the children have had during our Health and Well-being Week.  They have been involved in a huge range of activities from fruit tasting, poster designing, creating healthy lunchboxes, and learning about relaxing and spending time doing things they really enjoy.  Today saw the culmination of the week in an exciting day of sporting challenges.  Children were challenged to run 20 laps of the playground (a mile), to participate in a dance-a-thon (where the hall saw a continuous stream of children dancing from first thing in the morning right through to the end of the day,) and to challenge some of our sports leaders to a 'beat the goalie' at the end of the day today.  Staff were involved in a continuous rowing challenge and collectively rowed an impressive 63,480 metres in the day!  Well done to all of the staff and children for this supreme effort, thank you to parents for donating so generously (a total will be announced next week) and thank you to Mr Low for his fantastic organisation of the week!

Class 6 Family Worship


This morning's Sport Relief started off in grand style with Class 6 leading our Family Worship, all the while accompanied by the sound of the rowing machine.  (The staff challenge is to keep the rowing maching going all day from 8:30am til 3:30pm.  Even star of the week was given by Mrs Adlam whilst still rowing!)


Class 6 led us so well this morning with a story about Augustus the Tiger and his Lost Smile; a song about a friendly robot and some incredible monoprinting.  Well done to all of them.  There are some photographs for you to enjoy below (thanks to the Friends for the great new camera) and a link to our video page where you can watch their super story and song.  Well done Class 6!

You can find a video of the song and story performed so brilliantly by following the link below to our Video Resource Centre.

Year 3 Invade Wales

Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed a visit to Caerleon in Wales, the site of a Roman fortress.  They enjoyed visiting the amphitheatre, the museum, the barracks and also the remains of the baths.  Each child took along a Roman shield which they had made at home - thank you all for the support in making these ready for the trip!  The children enjoyed using their shields to recreate the very successful Roman battle techniques.  

Science Week

What a great week we have had!  The whole school took part in our exciting Science activities with a range of different things happening throughout the school.   Every class took part in a filtration experiment at their own level.  We also all had the opportunity to respond to the Whale Tail visit by finding creative ways of reusing things which would otherwise have been thrown away.  There are some photographs here for you to see what the children achieved.

A busy few weeks in school!

I haven't done very well with keeping this blog up-to-date as there has been so much going on!  We have had trips for some year groups, a visit from the Space Dome to Year 5 and 6 and lots of exciting learning opportunities throughout the school.  We are about to embark on our Science Week and I will update you with some photographs of that once we have finished it!

Book week begins!

We had a great deal of fun in assembly yesterday as Book Week began in school.  Unusually, this year we have two themes running across the school.  KS1 are working on the theme of The Wizard of Oz and KS2's theme is The Secret Garden.

Our assembly aimed to tie the two themes together with Mr Low (dressed as a Flower Pot man) as a sad a lonely flower pot, kept in a secret garden by the grumpiest gardeners you should ever have the misfortune of meeting (Mrs Symes and Mrs Newberry).  He was joined by first Dorothy (Miss Mead), then the Scarecrow (Mrs Adlam) and finally by two munchkins (Miss Tarr and Mr Cridge.)  They were all trapped by the gardeners until the Yellow Brick Road turned up (Mrs Garland) and they were all able to follow her to safety!  Lots of fun was had by all!  Hopefully the teachers won't realise that I've put photographs on here for you all to see!

Ronald Comes to visit

Classes 7 and 8 have been learning about skeletons and so they asked if they could borrow my tortoise, Ronald, for the day.  He had a lovely time meeting all of the children and then spending time pottering around in my office for the rest of the day.  He is a really sociable reptile, and particularly enjoyed the visit of the stars of the week at the end of the day.  Thank you to all of the children who were so gentle with him!

Update from Kilve


I have just spoken to Mrs Keen who has said that they have had a fantastic day of activities on site today.  All of the children have really enjoyed their day and are ready to spend the evening in the maze and completing the night walk.  Some sleep was had last night and the children are in good spirits and have enjoyed the beautiful weather.



Year 6 go to Kilve!


I felt very privileged to be invited to join Year 6 yesterday as they set off for their adventure at Kilve Court.

After an exciting bus journey there (following a tractor for some considerable time!) they arrived to find staff ready to greet them and welcome them to the site.  The children took all of their suitcases up to their rooms and then set off for a walk to the beach - an excellent opportunity to stretch their legs!

We all arrived at the beach at lunch time and enjoyed a picnic together on the grass before heading down onto the rocks.  The tide was going out and left behind a beautiful scene of rocks and stones.  The children's challenge was to  create some stone sculptures in groups and their creativity was amazing!  There are a few photographs here for you to enjoy of the children exploring the beach.


As we left the beach and I had to sadly depart to come back to school, they were all heading off to the Chantry Tea Rooms for their ice-cream.  I spoke to staff late last night and they said that all was quiet and that the children had settled really well for the night.  I am sure they will sleep - at least a little - before their exciting day two!

Hello !


Well, it's very exciting to be writing my first blog on our school website.  I have been headteacher here for one whole week already, and what a super start it has been!  The children, staff and families have been so welcoming and I am feeling at home already.  My new task is to get to know the names and faces of the whole school family - though with over 400 children, I feel it may take me a little while!  


Thank you to those who have already come and introduced themselves to me.  I endeavour to be out on the playground most mornings and afternoons before and after school, so please do come and have a chat and help me get to know you.


I will aim to update this page as often as possible so do pop here every now and then to see what we have been getting up to.  


Goodbye for now!

Mrs White