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Harvey and Milkshake's Home Learning

Harvey                                 Milkshake


As much as possible, we will keep you updated on Harvey and Milkshake's learning adventures. Milkshake and Harvey are settling in well and enjoying some time at Miss Tarr's and Mr Cridge's houses as they are this weeks star of the week! 

Harvey is enjoying his time at home and he is working hard. We hope you are enjoying your home learning too!

Harvey is helping with jobs around the house today before continuing his home learning.

Milkshake and Miss Tarr are enjoying doing PE with Joe Wicks each morning at 9am. Have you joined in?

This afternoon, Milkshake has been enjoying some time outside in the sunshine thinking about signs of spring. 

Today Miss Tarr, Milkshake and Timone are planning some of the learning you can do at home over the next week! We hope you are having fun and remember to keep smiling! :) 


Harvey is working hard with his home learning and he is remembering to wash his hands with soap for 20 seconds! He likes to sing whilst he does it!

Milkshake is enjoying the book he is reading at the moment. Don't worry, Milkshake is making sure that he 'Fred's in his head' and uses expression when he is reading! He even made a bookmark so that he remembers which page he needs to read next. Maybe you could make your own bookmark??


Harvey and Nala spent some time together today. They enjoyed looking around the garden for signs of spring, had a game of Eye Spy and even Hide and Seek. Nala hid very well but Harvey managed to find her. Can you spot where Nala is hiding too?

Today, Harvey ate all of his Easter chocolate in one sitting! Mr Cridge is hoping all the sugar wears off soon!


Milkshake has had a brilliant week learning in school this week. We hope you are enjoying some of your learning at home and having fun.