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How far can you get?



(Live Zoom Session)

Show and Tell

This will be a time for the children to show anything they have done over the past week and talk with their class teacher.

Story Time


Weather Diary

Which day has been your favourite and why?

Draw a picture of what the weather looks like today. Describe what it is like.

If you have a thermometer/weathervane/rain gauge, you could talk in more detail about the weather and record any findings.

Write about what has been your favourite weather out of each of the days you have observed. Why was it your favourite day?


Think carefully about your sentences.


- Sound words out carefully

- Ascenders (tall letters) and descenders (long letters)

- Finger spaces

- Capital letters

- Full stops

- Cursive writing

- Read back your work

- Edit mistakes

Handwriting – Using a pencil, we will be practising the months of the year in our cursive handwriting – November and December



You will all receive an email containing links to your phonics for each day of this week.

SCARF – (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship)


Taking care of a baby.


Have you had  a new baby in your family or  have a younger brother or sister? Do you know anyone with a new baby?  Do you  remember when the baby was born?


Talk about what the baby is/was like? (Answers will probably include: crying, small, sleeps a lot, always needs feeding). 

Explain that new babies are very small and not able to do very much when they are born. They mostly sleep and eat.

Ask next who looks after a new baby. (Answers may include mum, mum and dad, mum and mum or dad and dad, or granny or grandad, or other family members). 

Explain that a new baby can be hard work because they need lots of attention. Parents/carers or other family members will have lots of jobs to do for the baby but older brothers, sisters and other family members can help too


Think about some of the things a new baby may need. Have a look at the pictures of what a new baby needs and decide which they really do and which they don't.


Draw some of the things they do need on a sheet of paper and colour them in.


(Please see attached information)