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RWInc (Please follow the link for each day sent to you via email) If you would like more RWInc resources there are free videos available on Youtube.


In pencil practise writing the numbers 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Learning Objective: I can use capital letters correctly. I can say the months of the year in order.


Write the months of the year on separate pieces of paper then shuffle them. How quickly can you sort them so they are in the correct order.

Repeat this activity – are you any quicker?




How many points have you got?


Or you can try this Active Maths Activity;

You will need at least one other person to play with. This is a maths version of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.


On the count of three, you both show a certain number of fingers. You then need to work out the multiple of 5 that is shown by your fingers.

e.g. 1 finger = 5

2 fingers = 10

3 fingers = 15


Check your partner counted correctly?



Learning Objective: I can think of two ways to improve our local area.

Have a look at the PowerPoint about our local area and where it is.

Now that you have looked closer at your local area, think of two things that you would like to improve about it (make it better).


You could design a poster that shows this or you could write a letter to the council about what you want changed and why. (There is a plan on the PowerPoint if you want it for help. There is no need to print this. You could also just write it without planning).


This could include things such as:

'More bins to help reduce litter’

'More play equipment at parks so that you can play’



Draw around your hand and cut it out. On each finger, write something that is important to you. They need to be linked to each of the five senses.

In the palm of your hand, draw a special picture of you doing your favourite thing.

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