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Notice to Parents


You will have noticed that the school doors remain locked until 8.35 therefore the children are unsupervised until this time.  


We apologise if this is inconvenient but our aim is to minimise what was becoming an increasing number of minor incidents taking place between unsupervised children arriving and being left on site before the school day is due to start.  


We are making these changes for several other reasons too:


Our priority is always the children and securing for them the very best opportunities whilst they are formally in our care - from 08:35 until 15:25.


We want to give the children a positive welcome to the start of each school day and engage them with the focus of a purposeful learning opportunity where the teacher is available to support, and to supervise. This will get the school day off to a calm start for every child.


Also, but secondary to the above, because of recent events in a local (thefts and abuse) and national (heightened safety for public settings) contexts, we need to balance our responsibilities regarding staff and school security too.


Staff are not expected to be on duty until 10 minutes prior to the start of registration in the mornings, as they are very busy setting up for the day's activities.


For children who do require earlier childcare we do have our Early Birds’ Club and we are seeking to extend the number of available places.


Before 08:35 and after 15:25, unless participating in a school club or activity, parental responsibility remains with each family.


Thank you for your understanding.