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For English this week we have used an inspirational picture and short film clips to help the children to imagine what it might be like to travel into space on the Virgin Galactic, at some time in the future. We would like the children to use the information from the text,  film clips and prompt sheets to help them to write a short diary, as if they were an astronaut undertaking this exhilarating  journey into space.
We will set out the structure in the weekly plan and provide support materials in the links below for each day.
Please encourage the children to share their work with you, as they enjoy reading their work aloud to an audience. We would also love to share them with the children once we return to school. 
In addition to writing tasks, we will also post grammar and sentence type activities for the children to complete. Please also look out for the weekly spelling list which you will find below. It would really support the children if you could encourage them to learn these weekly spellings and provide a test at the end of each week. 

Thank you for supporting the children with their home learning.



Space travel – diary writing 
Use the picture of the Virgin Galactic as the inspiration for your writing. Watch the film clip to provide additional information.
Make notes.
Use the picture news image and prompt questions- record your thoughts and answers.

Virgin Galactic voyage 1
Virgin Galactic voyage 2



Use the prompt sheet to get you thinking about how it might feel to travel into space.



Imagine that you are taking this journey- keep a diary entry for each day. Check the writer’s prompts sheet and look at the example of text to support your writing. Write some of your diary.


Complete your diary entry, edit your work carefully, checking for punctuation and the grammar features needed. Read it aloud to check.


Share your diary with someone else in your family. Ask them to give you some advice on anything you could improve. Write your diary for yesterday- how does it compare with writing a diary to describe a life-changing event?