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We have been building up to writing a balanced argument. 

The children have been debating a selection of questions such as:

'Should school uniform be banned in school?' 

'Should children be limited to the amount of sweets they can buy?'

'Should children be allowed to use their own technology in school?'


Please complete the planning sheet (attached below - it has already come home as a paper copy) for your own question that you would like to write a balanced argument about.


The task is to write a balanced argument based on your own question. 


We suggest you split the writing of this into different sessions:

  • Day 1 - Complete planning sheet
  • Day 2 - Introductory paragraph – what you will be debating
  • Day 3 - Paragraph including arguments for with facts to support
  • Day 4 - Paragraph including arguments against with facts to support
  • Day 5 - Concluding paragraph – what you think and why and editing


You will need to edit your work.  You could edit each paragraph as you write then do a final edit at the end. 


Success criteria:

  • opposition and cause and effect conjunctions (see conjunctions word mat)
  • cohesive devices suitable to an argument (see paragraph cohesion word mat)
  • effective formal language suitable to a balanced argument


We look forward to reading your debates. 


Below are some resources that will support you in your writing.