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Day 1 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)


Suffixes – ‘s’ and ‘es’


Today we are going to learn about two more suffixes (recap what suffixes they have already learnt – ing and ed). Remind them that a suffix is a letter or a group of letters that can be added on to the end of a word to change its meaning. Today we are going to look at two suffixes – s and es.


Show the plurals s and es PowerPoint.


Make your own ‘s’ and ‘es’ voting cards. One card that says s and one that says es. You will be told some words that have either the suffix s or es. When you hear the word, vote for which suffix it should have using your cards. (It may be helpful to leave up the PowerPoint so they can see the rules for which suffix to use).


Have a look at the following words.


Park         fox            dish              room

Goal         boat


 Draw a table in your books like below.


     s            es



Turn the word from singular to plural and then put it into the correct column. E.g.


     s            es

parks          foxes


Can you think of your own word to add to the each column?



Extension: Pick a word ending with ‘s’ and write it in a silly sentence. Children to then pick a word ending with ‘es’ and write it in a silly sentence.

Day 2 (Do not complete if your child is in school Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)


Suffixes – ‘er’


Think about the suffixes you have learnt so far and how they change the word e.g. s and es to make the word plural, ing to show that the action is happening now, ed which shows that it is in the past.


Using the PowerPoint, can you spot that the suffix we are going to use today? It is ‘er’.

We can add er to the end of many action words and it turns them it a person/object – we call these nouns. The ‘er’ part means someone or something that does something.


Show some examples on the PowerPoint. Can you think of anymore?


dancer, hairdresser, painter, presenter, plumber, carpenter



Can you write the verb and then with the suffix.




 Root word       Suffix

  teach          teacher

  build           builder



Challenge: Once completed, pick a word ending in ‘er’ and put it into a sentence.

Day 3


Sea Creature Facts

Can you make a list of at least ten sea creatures that you can think of?

Have a look at the sea creature fact cards in resources.

Can you choose a sea creature and make your own fact card about it.?

What does it look like? What does it eat? What special features does it have? and so on…

Day 4


Make a Leaflet

Watch this clip all about blue whales.


Can you find out more about this amazing creature?

Here are some links to get you started:




Can you design a ‘Did you know?’ leaflet, listing all the facts that you have found out about blue whales.

Day 5


Make a Poster

Watch this clip about a whale who helps to clean up the ocean of all the plastic and rubbish

Can you use pictures and words to show why it is so important to clean up our oceans.