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Alphabet Hunt


Can you listen to this alphabet song?


On Post it notes or small pieces of paper can you write the letters of the alphabet? Get your grown up to hide the letters around the house or garden. Can you find them as quickly as possible? Once you have found all the letters, put them in the correct order and see if you can name each letter. Can you find something in your house or garden that starts with each letter of the alphabet to match? Here is an example below. 





Instruction Writing


Can you have a look at the PowerPoint below on 'Instruction Writing'? Once you have looked through it, decide what you would like to write some instructions for this week and then have a go at doing it today! For example, it could be one of the science experiments this week, making some yummy treats or how to make something. You choose! 



20.5.20 - 21.5.20

Writing Your Instructions


Over these two days write your chosen instructions. Refer back to the PowerPoint if needed as there are some examples of how you may set your instructions out in your home learning book smiley


Role-Play Shop


Today all your home learning is around opening up your own pretend shop! Can you write a price list with the things you will be selling in your shop and the prices (Don't forget to add 'p' for pence or a £ sign when you write your prices!).