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Can you have a go at playing one of the phonic games on PhonicsPlay - sorting real words and nonsense words (alien words)? PhonicPlay teaches the sounds in a different order to RWInc. We would suggest having a go at phase 4/5.




Reading a Comic


Can you have a go at reading a comic? If you do not have any there are plenty of comics online avaliable at PhonicsPlay.


We would suggest reading a comic from the phase 4 or 5 section. Afterwards maybe you could have a go at drawing/writing your own comic? A template is provided below or you could make a template in your writing book from school smiley


If you would prefer, you could access a story from Oxford Owl and find a story you would like to read or you could read one of your favourite stories from home! and click on 'Class Login'.


Username: bhclass.3

Password: Class.3


Username: bhclass.4

Password: Class.4




Phonic Splat


You can play this game in lots of different ways. You could either choose different sounds, words with lots of different set 2 and 3 sounds in or you could play it with common exception words. A year one common exception word mat is attached if you do not have one of these at home. Write different sounds/words and put them up as targets. Challenge your child to find a sound/word and hit the target with that sound/word on. There are some different pictures below to show you different ways that you could adapt this game using different resources. 


Split Digraph Game


Before you play this game, you may want to revisit the split digraphs 'a-e, i-e, -o-e, u-e' on the set 3 PowerPoint below. Write down some words with a mixture of these sounds in on paper. Hide them around the room/garden and see if you can challenge your child to find them and sort them into piles of each split digraph sound e.g all the words with a-e such as 'cake' 'make' or 'lake' will all go in a pile together. You could set a time limit if you want to make it more of a challenge! 


Once you have finished, you could write the words you found in each pile in your writing book to practise how to write words with split digraphs in. 



Sound bingo


Can you choose 9 different sounds from either set 2 or 3. (3 sounds in each row) and make your own bingo card? Get a grown up or someone else in your family to be the bingo caller and call out a sound. If you have that sound you can mark it off. The first person to have all their sounds called is the winner! This is a fun game to play with all of your family.