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Hole in the fence story:

Read the story, answer the question time section, discuss your ideas with someone at home, what could be the most interesting thing that will be behind the fence?

Link to pobble365:



Create a story map or boxed up plan for your story. List some interesting vocabulary that will be in the story.




Sentence challenge:

Can you make a list of feelings that the boy might be experiencing?

E.g. excited, curious, 

Can you then begin a sentence with a feeling?

Curious, the boy peeked through the hole in the fence.

Challenge: can you combine these sentences to make a paragraph describing the main character’s emotions when they are looking through the fence for the first time?



Using the start of the story, start writing the rest of the story and discover what is behind the fence. Use the sentences you created yesterday to describe you main character’s emotions.




Finish and edit the story.

Then you could: share it with someone, illustrate parts of it, recreate and photograph yourself acting key parts of the story.