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Learn about the features you need to create a Haiku from the PowerPoint (at the bottom of the page), brainstorm ideas that will be in a Haiku about springtime/Easter/nature.

As a challenge you could plan to create a Haiku that has more than one verse or plan multiple Haiku poems around the theme.





Write your Haiku, be careful that each verse follows the 5-7-5 syllable count, when it is finished make sure you edit it. Your could choose to create a neat version with decorations or illustrations.



Life on Mars:

In the year 2013, 200,000 people from 140 different countries applied to take part in a special project: to become the first people to live on Mars in the year 2023. Do you think that living in space is something that might one day be considered ‘normal’? Is it something you would like to do? 

Can you make a list of reasons for/against living on Mars?



    • The people on the journey would be creating history.


    • The people on Mars would only have a small amount of people to talk to.

Link to pobble365, this may help you generate ideas



Sentence challenge!

Imagine you are on the mission to Mars, can you write sentences about the mission, using a main clause and a subordinate clause?

Can you separate the clauses using a comma?

Can you use one of the following conjunctions to link your clauses: but, or, yet, so?

e.g. The mission so far had gone exactly to plan, but now there was a sense of dread and panic as the alarm sounded.

Main clause

Subordinate clause

Extra challenge: instead of writing separate sentences with subordinating clauses can you incorporate them into a paragraph describing what it is like on the way to Mars, or landing there for the first time? 


Picture 1


Letter to NASA:

Can you finish this letter to NASA?

Explain both side of the argument that you listed on Wednesday and at the end of the letter state whether you think it is a good idea or not.


Dear NASA, 

                   I am writing to you regarding your proposed journey to Mars in order to get people to start living there. I think the expedition is…

Picture 1