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What should I do if a pupil has a positive test result during the holidays or over a weekend?

It is important that we are informed as soon as possible should a pupil from our school have a positive test result for Coronavirus.  If this is during the school day, please ring the school office and speak to a member of the team.  If this is during a holiday period or a weekend, please use the office email address rather than the phones as we are able to check this remotely.  The correct email address is  

Thank you. 

Dear all


Thankfully, as a school family we have not had any positive cases of COVID - 19 to date.  We are aware however, that the likelihood is that we will have a positive case at some point and to that end, we are preparing ourselves for the potential of having to close a 'bubble' (in our case, a year group) at some point in the future.


As you will have read in the Lilac Letter, if this is the case, we will move our learning online and will utilise the platform 'Teams' and 'One-note' which are part of our Microsoft 365 account.  We will be spending time over the next couple of weeks training the children on how to use these platforms but are aware that they will need support from home - particularly initially.


To help parents, there are some videos below which detail how to find the correct apps, how to find work and how to respond to assignments.  At the moment, these are videos produced by a secondary teacher - Mr Tomkins - in time, we hope to replace these with ones which are more specific to our school set-up.  In the meantime, we hope  you find them helpful.


Mrs White.