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What should I do if a pupil has a positive test result during the holidays or over a weekend?


It is important that we are informed as soon as possible should a pupil from our school have a positive test result for Coronavirus.  If this is during the school day, please ring the school office and speak to a member of the team.  If this is during a holiday period or a weekend, please use the office email address rather than the phones as we are able to check this remotely.  The correct email address is  


Thank you. 


Dear all


As we enter this second period of school 'closure' we want to send our very best wishes to the whole school family.  This is not the situation we wanted to see and we are so sad not to be together as usual.


There are documents below which outline our remote learning offer to families as well as the results of surveys etc as they happen.  


Here's hoping that we are fully open again really soon.


Rachel White