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Children have a growing awareness of how computer technology is used in the world around them and the benefits this technology provides. To enable them to share in these benefits, we give all pupils the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of computing in order to prepare them for life in our fast-changing technological world. As part of a balanced curriculum, we aim to provide children with relevant and meaningful experiences using computer technology.


The school has a very well equipped computer suite where children are taught computational thinking, programming, communication and collaboration, online safety, technology and multimedia skills. These include word processing and presentation, use of the internet for research, spreadsheets, database, and the use of art, design and video software. These skills are then used to enhance and extend teaching and learning in all subjects. The interactive whiteboards throughout the school, along with iPads, sensor equipment, digital cameras and voice recorders, ensure that computing can be used as a learning tool throughout the curriculum, with the pupils applying the skills acquired in the computer suite.


The school meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. Our long term planning demonstrates coverage and progression of the key objectives in computing, with opportunities for embedding computing as a tool to support learning being identified in each stage of our curriculum planning. Computing is used imaginatively to engage all learners and widen their learning opportunities so that pupils in our school become confident and independent when using computing equipment across the curriculum.


All children are entitled to equal access of computing opportunities to ensure that they develop their own personal computing capability, and the wide availability of computing resources throughout the school makes this achievable regardless of the level of computing facilities in their homes.


The school has an online safety policy in place that details how the principles of online safety will be promoted and monitored. These principles are consistently modelled and shared so that the children learn how to use computing technology and the internet safely.